Learn Filmmaking from Beginner to PRO

Learn the fundamental basics of professional filmmaking as taught by in film schools.

This complete guide teaches you all the technical and artists rules of videography to get started as a filmmaker.


2 hours


“You’re such an amazing instructor. I love your energy, your passion, and voice. I’m a big fan of your YOUTUBE videos. Great course!” – Mydalis Lugo

Course Information

Getting started with Filmmaking can be overwhelming. This course teaches the fundamental basics is a structured and engaging way, just like expensive film schools would do.

Together we start with the basics and learn about the technical aspects of your camera. Next we tackle the rules of filmmaking such as compositions and visual storytelling.

In the last lessons of this course you’ll learn about the different camera supports like the tripod, gimbals and more.


Just picked up your camera or are you having trouble to get to the next level?
This course is for you!

Fast Learning

Short, to-the-point lessons. Engaging course as you’ll get exercises throughout.

Film School

Learn the same foundation as you would in 2 years at a film school university

For who is this course?

This class is for any creative who wants to get started with filmmaking. You don’t need any experience as this class is focussed at beginners.

The same information from this class is being taught at expensive film schools. So even if you already have some basic experience, it’s always good to go through this class to learn about the art of filmmaking.

What will I learn?

By the end of the class, you’ll have a complete fundamental understanding of the rules of filmmaking. This means that you can start making videos like a professional would.

These are the topics that you will master by the end of the class:

  • Manual camera control
  • Compositions
  • The art of filmmaking
  • Camera support

Course Screenshots


Jordy Vandeput - Instructor

Jordy Vandeput

More than 10 years experience as a filmmaker and video editor

Course Structure

31 Lessons, 1h30 training

  • Introduction (1:38)
  • The Camera (3:38)
  • The Aperture (3:41)
  • ISO (2:35)
  • Shutter Speed (3:57)
  • Frame Rates (5:37)
  • The Histogram (4:21)
  • Autofocus (4:21)
  • Manual Focus (3:30)
  • White Balance (5:33)
  • Picture Profiles (3:54)
  • Rule of Thirds (4:54)
  • Talent Framing (6:51)
  • Foregrounds (2:44)
  • The Background (1:50)
  • Focal Length (8:06)
  • Free Preview: Camera Position (3:16)
  • The 180 Rule (3:09)
  • Handheld Movement (3:32)
  • Slow Motion (1:38)
  • B-Roll (4:10)
  • Shoot for the Edit (3:45)
  • Practice (2:12)
  • ND Filters (5:50)
  • The Tripod (6:23)
  • Panning and Tilting (4:05)
  • The Camera Rig (6:05)
  • The Gimbal (3:22)
  • Sliders (2:55)
  • Creating Depth (2:55)
  • Conclusion (1:44)

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Do I need film equipment?

The only thing you need is a camera to follow along. This could even be your phone. There are a few lessons that give an introduction to work with accessories. But these are meant as info and does not require you to buy anything extra.

How can I contact the Instructor?

If you need help during the course, Jordy is happy to help you. Skillshare users can use the dedicated discussion. If you purchased the course as a download, there will be a ‘readme’ file which explains how to contact me through email.

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