Secrets to Growing a Successful YouTube Channel in 2023





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The YouTube game has changed like never before. Learn how to grow your own channel in 2023 using the same secrets as Mr. Beast, Ryan Trahan, MKBHD, Mark Rober and other success channels.

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What you'll learn

  • Create thumbnails and titles that have a high click-through-rate
  • Write a scenario for maximum retention
  • Record clean video and audio
  • Keep the audience hooked with an exciting edit
  • Turn viewers into subscribers with the right call-to-action

Course Information

By the end of the class you will know exactly what to do and what to avoid. You will have a step by step guide for every new YouTube video you make.
This class is taught by Jordy Vandeput who reached over 2.5 million subscribers on YouTube, multiple successful channels and hundreds of millions of views. He makes weekly videos together with his team.

Whether you want to start as a YouTube creator or struggling with your channel. This class shares the secrets of how YouTube works in 2023, so anyone can follow along!
There are a few lessons about video making and editing. It's not required to have any specific gear or editing program. All tips and tricks can be applied to the gear and software you're currently using.


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Can I use the provided videos files on my YouTube channel?

Most courses come with project files and video clips so that you can follow along during the lessons. You are free to use the video clips to edit personal projects and upload them to YouTube or any other social media. Commercial purpose use is not allowed. This means using the video clips with the intention to earn money. (Ie. sponsored YouTube videos, a video for a client, to promote a product/service,...)

What's Included

Lifetime Access

English Caption

10% Discount on Premium Support

Money Back Guarantee

Project Files

High Quality Video & Audio


Jordy Vandeput
More than 10 years experience as a filmmaker and video editor


9 Lessons in Total

  • Introduction 01:45
  • Video Ideas 08:09
  • Thumbnails & Titles 09:38
  • Video Scenario 06:59
  • Video Making Basics 05:47
  • Video Editing Basics 04:23
  • Call to Action 06:56
  • Engagement 05:37
  • Conclusion 03:07

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Ahmed Tarek

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say you were one of my top 3 editors worldwide. I enjoyed watching your courses and your Youtube videos because you taught me something that not many people can do, and that is to make editing fun and entertaining. Of course, it gets boring sometimes, but I enjoyed them often.

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