Unreal Engine 5 for Beginners: Learn the Basics of Virtual Production

Learn the basics of Unreal Engine 5 in this beginners course. With a focus on Virtual Production, learn to create cinematic scenes.


5h 5m


“It was an amazing course, feeling really comfortable with UE5 now!” – Lucas Nakamura

Course Information

Get started with Unreal Engine 5 in this hands-on and exciting course for beginners. You’ll learn about the user interface, build realistic landscapes and interior scenes. As well as the fundamentals of virtual production such as live camera tracking, chroma keying and DMX.

By the end of the course you will be able to create your own scene and set your preferred mood using lights. You can animate virtual cameras or record a live tracking using your phone. These stunning cinematic sequences will be easy for you to export and share online.

For Filmmakers

A beginners class specifically curated for filmmakers and VFX artists.

Fun & Interactive

A fun and interactive class with Instructor Jordy living inside the Unreal Engine!


No technical explanations. With easy to understand techniques, you’ll learn how to create cinematic movies.

For who is this course?

Anyone who wants to get started with Unreal Engine 5, with the aim to create cinematic movie renders or learn the first steps into virtual production.

Although you don’t need any pre-knowledge, a basic understanding of video editing is always useful.

What will I learn?

  • How to create a realistic landscape
  • Control the atmosphere, fog and sun
  • Design an interior set
  • Animate and track camera motion
  • Create a Metahuman
  • Chroma Keying inside UE5
  • Controlling DMX
  • Movie rendering

Course Screenshots


Jordy Vandeput - Instructor

Jordy Vandeput

More than 10 years experience as a filmmaker and video editor

Course Structure

25 Lessons, 5h Training

  • Introduction (02:12)
  • The User Interface (08:25)
  • Materials and Light (08:03)
  • Create an Atmosphere (13:06)
  • Create a Landscape (12:02)
  • Plants and Flowers (11:34)
  • Importing 3D Models (19:35)
  • Realistic Environment (14:58)
  • Free Preview: Post Processing (11:29)
  • Create a Virtual Studio (15:34)
  • Design an Interior (14:56)
  • Interior Overview (16:57)
  • Create a Metahuman (11:39)
  • Face Motion Capture (08:45)
  • Interior Lighting (16:14)
  • Realistic Lighting (20:36)
  • The Virtual Camera (13:44)
  • Camera Animations (11:58)
  • Camera Tracking (13:40)
  • Offline Chroma Key (16:58)
  • Live Chroma Key (05:08)
  • Setup DMX (12:22)
  • Virtual Production Example (10:35)
  • Movie Rendering (10:32)
  • Conclusion (05:04)

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Do I need a fast computer?

Unreal Engine 5 requires a good computer. However, in this course you will learn how to toggle off quality settings for better performance while working. You can find the minimum system requirements here.

How can I contact the Instructor?

If you need help during the course, Jordy is happy to help you. Skillshare users can use the dedicated discussion. If you purchased the course as a download, there will be a ‘readme’ file which explains how to contact me through email.

Are there things I need other than a computer?

This course does explain how to do a live chroma key, control your lights through DMX and use your iPhone as a tracking device. However, this is only about 20% of the course. In the first 80% you will learn the basics of Unreal Engine 5 without needing additional hardware.

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