Video Editing With Adobe Premiere Pro For Beginners





3h 22m

Turn your creative ideas into amazing videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. An interactive and hands-on course for anyone who wants to get started editing professional videos.


What you'll learn

  • Organizing and starting a Premiere Pro project
  • Perform basic edits, arranging clips and working in multiple layers
  • Perform advanced edits using the toolbox, masks and blending techniques
  • Applying and adjusting video/audio effects
  • Create custom graphics and texts
  • Making custom templates and using third party templates
  • Create custom animations and understand its mechanics
  • Create custom animations and understand its mechanics Mixing audio from speech, music and sound effects
  • Exporting a video with the proper settings

Course Information

This is our 5th generation Premiere Pro class. We’ve gather so much experience over the past 10 years and bundled this into the best Premiere Pro class any beginner is looking for.

You are here to start editing and that’s what we’ll make you do! We’ve down-scaled the theory lessons to a fundamental basis, to give more time to the creative tasks.

This course is for any creative person who likes to start editing great videos using a professional tool. If you’re not into slow manuals or long explanations of how things work, then this course is perfect for you. With student results in mind you’ll be able to start editing in no time.


Can I Contact the Instructor?

You'll get a direct email address to contact the support to help you out with any questions or feedback. There's no limitation in the amount of emails you can send, as long as it revolves around the course you've purchased.

What's the Money-Back Policy?

Within 7 days after your purchase, you're eligible for a full refund. We will first do our best to solve any issues. If the problems cannot be resolved, we'll be more than happy to refund the course. Keep in mind that we only provide refunds on your first purchase. This is to avoid misuse of the refund policy.

I need personal assistance. Can we jump on a video call?

As hundreds of thousands of students take our courses, we cannot provide such a service. However, we do offer a 1on1 video call service for an extra fee.

Can I use the provided videos files on my YouTube channel?

Most courses come with project files and video clips so that you can follow along during the lessons. You are free to use the video clips to edit personal projects and upload them to YouTube or any other social media. Commercial purpose use is not allowed. This means using the video clips with the intention to earn money. (Ie. sponsored YouTube videos, a video for a client, to promote a product/service,...)

What's Included

Lifetime Access

Watch Offline

Money Back Guarantee

Email Support

Project Files

High Quality Video & Audio


Jordy Vandeput
More than 10 years experience as a filmmaker and video editor


19 Lessons in Total

  • Introduction 02:40
  • A Digital Video File 10:49
  • The Workspace 09:03
  • Organize Clips 15:05
  • Basic Editing 21:19
  • The Toolbox 15:34
  • Video Effects 14:52
  • Transitions 10:41
  • Text and Graphics 08:01
  • Templates 08:54
  • Custom Animations 13:55
  • Speed Ramping 11:08
  • Basic Visual Effects 10:22
  • Color Correction 09:32
  • Audio Mixing 16:38
  • Audio Effects 06:55
  • Export Settings 07:52
  • Useful Settings 06:28
  • Conclusion 01:50

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Christopher Nutt
Christopher Nutt

A great way to start using Premier Pro. The interface looks quite daunting at first, however with Jordy's step by step intro it is soon mastered. Good bite-sized lessons that aren't condescending - and take you progressively from a beginner to someone who is quite confident is using the basic (and not so basic) features of Premier Pro

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