Action Elements Pack (shot on RED)

80 studio quality effects shot on the RED Cinema Camera in beautiful 5K resolution at 60FPS. The action elements are easy to use in any video editor and come in 4 different styles.

* We offer a ProRes and RED RAW Version

Video Pack Info

We’ve captured 80 overlay effects on the RED Cinema Camera in beautiful 5K resolution at 60FPS. In this pack you’ll find various elements that you can use to enhance the visuals in your film:

  • 36 Cinematic Flares: Captured using 3 different focal lengths (11mm, 35mm & 50mm) and 3 different lights (LED, flash light & tungsten).
  • 26 Muzzle Flashes: Various styles & various angles. Explosives captures through steel pipes.
  • 10 Organic Particles: Subtle dust, sand and fake snow particles that move in various directions
  • 8 Dynamic Smokes: Using a haze and smoke machine to generate various moving smoke effects

Included is a tutorial that shows how to use the effect clips in Adobe Premiere Pro. The workflow will be very similar to other video editing programs.


Shot on the RED Digital Cinema Camera, you can change all the RAW settings.

Commercial Use

Use any of the Action Elements for personal or commercial products.


Compatible with any professional video editing application.

How to use

There‚Äôs no installation required. The overlay clips can be directly used in any video editor. The RED RAW version needs to be imported from the media browser in Adobe Premiere Pro. Please locate the manual of your video editor to see how it handles RED RAW. There’s a dedicated tutorial included.

Commercial Use

By purchasing any version of the Action Elements pack, you are allowed to use the materials for personal and commercial purposes. It is however not allowed to re-sell the materials with or without modifications.

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