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STUCK – Episode 01: Entanglement (Short Film)

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Gregory finds himself stuck in the trunk of a car. He can’t remember how how got there. Gregory can eventually break free, but to his surprise he’ll face a bigger problem.

Web Series ‘STUCK’

We are super proud to announce the production of a new web series called ‘STUCK’. Above you can already watch the first episode.

STUCK is a series of short films that each tell their own story. But they all share the same theme; being literally stuck. In the first episode, Entangled, Gregory is stuck in the trunk. He’ll manage to break free, but finds himself having a bigger problem.

With every short film we’re going to work with only 1 location and 1 character. The reason to this is because we want to keep the production as minimal as possible so that we can focus on storytelling and directing as explained in this video.

Episode 01: Entanglement

Entangled is the first episode from STUCK. We worked together with actor Koen Van der Sande, who also played the main role in our previous production, Vengeance.

Since we wanted to keep the crew and production as small as possible, we went for a run & gun style. There was little to no lighting and almost no preparations. Although it had it’s many pros, there where negative side effects too.

Some of the scenes were shot next to a road. Normally it’s pretty quiet around the studio, but the production day was different. Suddenly there was a lot of traffic, mostly trucks. We tried blocking the traffic a little bit, but it wasn’t always so easy since we didn’t have a permit.

Entanglement - Behind the Scenes
Entanglement – Behind the Scenes near busy traffic

Luckily things turned out good. The shots and the production were simple, which allowed us to work around this problem.

Adobe Video & Motion

Without our partnership with Adobe, this short film was not possible! Like we did with previous Adobe sponsorships, you can find 4 video tutorials from this short film again. In these tutorials we explain how we created some of the VFX shots and tips on how to edit a short film.


Big thanks to cast & crew for the great performance, the fun on the set and passion!

  • Gregory – Koen Van der Sande
  • Writer/Director – Jordy Vandeput
  • DOP – Yannick Theunissen
  • Sound – Lorenzo Menz
  • Grip – Philippe Jackmaert
  • Editing – Timo Vandiest
  • Hair/Makeup – Shari Parmentier
  • Funding/Partnership – Adobe Inc.
  • Production – Cinecom Belgium BV

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