• Tungsten Lighting

    Professional Tungston Lighting

    Tungsten lighting is the highest quality light you can get. They aren't so practical, but you can find these lights very cheap.

  • Travel Friendly Gear Collection

    Travel Friendly Gear Collection

    A collection of gear that fits within one bag, perfect for traveling. The entire bag weighs just under 10kg or 22 pounds.

  • Best Tripod for Video

    Best Tripods for Video

    The tripod is the most basic tool for stable shots. But it comes with more functionality and quality differences than most people think. In this collection we share the top 3 tripods we use in our studio.

  • Custom GH5 Rig

    Custom Panasonic GH5 Camera Rig

    Till this day we still haven't found the perfect rig for the Panasonic GH5 DSLR camera. That's why build our own using various parts from brands like SmallRig, 8Sin, Lanparte and more.

  • Pro Lighting for Video

    PRO Lights for Filmmakers

    As creative film makers we use lighting to set a mood and make any shot visually more attractive. In this collection we combined every light we use on a daily base for our productions.

  • Chroma Key Equipment

    Chroma Key Essentials

    Getting started with visual effects? This equipment collection holds varies low budget green (chroma) key solutions.

  • Cheap DIY Lighting for Video

    Cheap Lighting for Starters

    Starting out with film making? Then it's a good idea to start with cheaper equipment. This kit has several tungsten lights which produce very good lighting quality.

  • Vlogging Gear

    Gear for Creative Vlogging

    When making YouTube Tutorials, we also need to vlog! We admit that we aren't professionals at it, but this Kit helps us to be better at it!

  • Camera Support Gear

    Camera Support

    Camera support helps with stabilizing your camera or adding movements to your shots. From tripods, slider and gimbals, this is the camera support gear that we use in our studio.