Best Tripods for Video

//Best Tripods for Video
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The tripod is the most basic tool for stable shots. But it comes with more functionality and quality differences than most people think.
In this collection we share the top 3 tripods we use in our studio.

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Sachtler System FSB 6

This tripod is not cheap, however I do feel bad not buying this when I started out. A tripod is for life, so make sure to get a good one from the start!

I bought this one after my Manfrotto broke after 2 years. Sachtler is the top brand when it comes down to tripods and I can relate to that now!

Benro Aero 7 Tripod
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Benro Aero 7 Tripod

A GREAT tripod for starters. It features all the pro functions in a small and lightweight package.

In the future you’ll find yourself using this tripod for on your slider or on the jib, which is why this is a great combination with a heavy duty tripod such as the Sachtler FSB6

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Benro HI-Hat HH100AV

This tripod is perfect for you low angle shots and is very sturdy, ready for every situation.

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Benro S8 Pro Video Head

This tripod head is a professional video head that we use on the benro Hi-hat. This combined make the perfect heavy duty tripod for those beautiful low angle shots.

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Benro 100mm (3.94″) Half Ball Adapter for HH100AV

We use this adapter so we can fit the Benro S8 Pro Video Head in Our Benro Hi-Hat tripod.

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