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Camera support helps with stabilizing your camera or adding movements to your shots.
From tripods, slider and gimbals, this is the camera support gear that we use in our studio.

Syrp Magic Carpet Pro
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Syrp Magic Carpet PRO

If you’re working with heavier cameras or DSLR’s in a rig, this is one of the better sliders on the market! It’s packed with great features and additional accessories, super sturdy and very lightweight. The biggest thing I like is that you can extend the slider as long as you want.

Konova K5 Slider
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Konova Camera Slider K5

A simple, but very sturdy camera slider at an affordable price. I’ve had mine for many years and it still rolls smooth!

Benro Aero 7 Tripod
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Benro Aero 7 Tripod

A GREAT tripod for starters. It features all the pro functions in a small and lightweight package.

In the future you’ll find yourself using this tripod for on your slider or on the jib, which is why this is a great combination with a heavy duty tripod such as the Sachtler FSB6

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iFootage M1-III Mini Crane

A small camera jib that is setup quickly and doesn’t weigh much. It’s designed for DSLR cameras.

As for the counter weights, I suggest to get some fitness weights in a local store.

iFootage Cobra 2 Strike Monopod
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iFootage Cobra 2 Strike

This monopod is one of the best for its price I know of. It has many options, extends in a second and is super light weight.

iFootage Komodo K5 Fluid Head
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iFootage Komodo K5 Fluid Head

The monopod doesn’t come with a head. If you don’t have a spare one, I recommend the one from iFootage too. A very simple and light weight fluid head.

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Sachtler System FSB 6

This tripod is not cheap, however I do feel bad not buying this when I started out. A tripod is for life, so make sure to get a good one from the start!

I bought this one after my Manfrotto broke after 2 years. Sachtler is the top brand when it comes down to tripods and I can relate to that now!

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