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Getting started with visual effects? This equipment collection holds varies low budget green (chroma) key solutions.

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Belle Drape Collapsible Background

60×72″ portable chroma key (blue and green side). Perfect to key out smaller objects or head shots.

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Photek 10×12′ Green Screen Background

A bigger cloth that fits an entire person. It’s pretty cheap, but very decent quality. NOTE: cloth only, buy stands separate!

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Flashpoint 10′ Background Support System

A simple support system to hang your green screen . You don’t NEED this, but helps setting the cloth up.

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Tether Tools – 2″ clamp

These are a little more expansive than those plastic clamps, but their’re worth it! We use these for many applications, including tightening a green-screen. I recommend getting at least 6 of these.

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Flashpoint Backdrop Holder Clip

Not necessary, but it does make the job easier to put your portable green-screen in place. Note: you will need a light-stand to use this!

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Datavideo Chroma Key Gaffer Tape

Some green tape for keying smaller objects or to wrap around anything that needs to be keyed.

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