Till this day we still haven’t found the perfect rig for the Panasonic GH5 DSLR camera.
That’s why build our own using various parts from brands like SmallRig, 8Sin, Lanparte and more.

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Panasonic Lumix GH5 Body

The Best Camera for filming in our opinion! Is perfect for the all-round filmmaker.

Can shoot in 4K and in slowmo! Which is perfect for you super cool B-roll. With it’s mobile size, it’s perfect for any occasion from travelling to after movies.

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Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 (Nikon Mount)

Personally the best lens we ever had!! Just SUPER, nothing more to say about it!

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Metabones Speed Booster Adapter

Because your Lumix GH5 has a micro 4/3 mount and we use Nikon lenses. We needed an adapter, the Metabones Speed Booster!

The awesome extra feature of the Speed Booster is that it will optically enlarge your micro 4/3 sensor into a APS-C sensor, plus giving an extra stop of light.

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SanDisk Extreme PRO 128GB

Just the right amount of space for every film project you need to do! This card can handle any type of codec or slow-mo footage you throw at it!

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Hoya 82mm Variable Neutral Density (ND) Filter

Please believe me when I say you REALLY need this when filming outside! You want to keep the aperture from your lens wide open, but the sun is to hard. Well this ND filter will help you compensate the brightness from outside with a single twist!

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72-82mm Step-Up Ring

Because our Sigma Lens is 72 mm in diameter, we need a step up ring for our ND filter. We went for a 82mm ND filter so that we can adapt multiple size lenses to it. If you ever get a 82mm lens but only have a 72mm ND filter, you can’t use it.

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Rode Videomic Pro+

The mic for film making right now! Perfect for on the go filming and turns automatically on and off with your camera! This feature will save you multiple times!

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SmallHD 501 5″ Full HD LCD

A good monitor can saves lives! The life of your shots!

This monitor is the perfect tool to see if your shots are in focus! And has some cool extra functions to further help while filming!

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Sanho HyperThin 2.6′ (0.8m) HDMI Cable

The thinnest HDMI cable in the world! Advantage: super flexibility, so you can tuck it away nicely!

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With an awesome camera, you need a pro cage. This 8 Sinn cage especially designed for the GH5 gives you the protection you need for your camera. But it also allows you to build your own rig around your camera. Perfect for the Guerrilla filmmaker!

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SmallRig SWAT NATO Rail with 15mm Clamp (Vertical)

A clamp to mount your Monitor to your awesome GH5 Rig!

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8Sinn 15mm Rod & Metabones Support

All your accessories go on 15mm rods. This is that part which connects your camera to those rods, plus giving lens support for the metabones.

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SmallRig Safety NATO Rail 93mm

A rail or handle to mount your monitor to your camera rig!

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SmallRig Knurled Knob

This connects your monitor to the SmallRig Nano rail.

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Berkey System 6″ Handle Grip

A grip for that extra support! You’ll thank us after a long day of shooting!

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Lanparte V-Mount Battery Pinch

The most annoying thing while filming is when your batteries are depleted. So we found the solution with this backplate, which allows you to mount a V-mount battery to it. And thus powering your camera and Small-HD monitor with it!

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Canon LP-E6 Type Dummy Battery

Your monitor needs some juice to work. And this battery dummy will do the trick if you connect it to your backplate with the V-mount.

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Dummy Battery for Panasonic Lumix

Just like your monitor, your camera also needs power! Same principle as every Dummy battery, plug, play and go out to shoot!

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Came-TV 2 Channel V-Mount Battery Charger

The charger for your V-mount battery. I recommend getting a dual charger to be future proof. V-mount batteries are used for many things, so you’ll probably end up buying more in the future.

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Came-TV 160Wh V Mount Battery

Big battery to power both the camera and the SmallHD monitor. Through the Lanparte V-mount plate, you can connect even more devices such as a small LED panel.

We recommend a 160Wh V-mount battery as they will last almost an entire day.