Travel Friendly Gear Collection

//Travel Friendly Gear Collection
Travel Friendly Gear Collection2018-10-22T16:30:55+00:00

A collection of gear that fits within one bag, perfect for traveling. The entire bag weighs just under 10kg or 22 pounds.

Case Logic Camera Backpack SLRC206
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Case Logic Camera Backpack

The SLRC206 is a very simple, yet affordable camera backpack.  Don’t expect too many features, but for it’s price it’s a very good backpack.

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Panasonic Lumix GH5 – Body

Not the most lightweight SLR, but the video looks amazing! This camera is by far my favourite.

Buy from Vary-I


Not the greatest DSLR cage, but it comes with a very intuitive system to attach a loop to your LCD screen, making it a very good cage combo for traveling.

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Metabones Speedbooster – Nikon to MFT

A speedbooster adapter to connect Nikon glass to the GH5 and get an extra stop of light.

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Tokina 11-16mm F2.8 DX-II

The sweetest wide angle on the market! Having a little zoom gives you faster control over your composition.

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Sigma ART 50-100mm F1.8

The sweetest telephoto lens! It’s a pretty heavy lens, but your videos will look gorgeous on the super sharp 1.8 aperture.

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Hoya Variable ND Filter

I recommend getting a 82mm filter and use step-up rings for all of your lenses. That way you only need to buy one variable ND.

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DJI Mavick Air

It’s a super lightweight drone, perfect for traveling. But it’s a DJI product, which means super bad support when something is wrong.

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PolarPro ND filter set for Mavick Air

These are not mandatory, but you can keep your shutterspeed at a normal rate when using ND filters on your drone.

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Sandisk UHS-II 128GB SD

SD Card for the GH5. It’s not the cheapest, but I wouldn’t save money on your cards. Get the best there is.

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Sandisk UHS-II 64GB MicroSD

The MicroSD for the Mavick Air. Important is that you have an UHS-II, else you won’t be able to record 4K with the drone.

Buy from Adorama

Stella Pro 5000 RF

I can’t think of a better travel light. With 5000 lumen, you can use this during the day. Internal battery and water proof!

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Joby Gorillapod with Ballhead

Not mandetory, but it’s nice if you wanna film yourself. It’s a small tripod which fits perfect in any bag.

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