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5 Creative Lighting Setups

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Lighting Tutorials

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5 Creative lighting setups inspired by cinematography and music videos (Taylor Swift). Use the basics of light for a cinematic result.

Light plays a crucial role in creating and maintaining life. But Lighting your video is also crucial and can make or break your project. Light can tell a story, create an atmosphere and determines the look of the film! With the right use of light in your scene, you can give it more meaning and represent a feeling. In this tutorial we explain 5 Creative lighting setups that are regularly used in Hollywood films and music videos.

The most used light setup is the 3 Point lighting technique. This a standard setup and will always work is used correctly. We explained this setup in detail in a previous tutorial. From these light basics you can start experimenting with more creative light setups. A very good example for creative light setups is the movie Sin City. This movie uses the basic of light perfectly to create moods and atmospheres. So always keep the basics of lighting and film making in mind to achieve your wanted look.

Sin City Lighting Example
Sin City Lighting Example


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