Are you new to editing in Premiere Pro? We’ll that is awesome! Adobe Premiere Pro is a professional video editing application with tons of great features. But these features will also overwhelm you. To get you on the tracks as fast as possible, we’ve designed a premium course with 20 lectures and a total of 4 hours study material.

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The first lessons start with the very basics, like understand what a video file is and how to properly start a new project in Premiere Pro. After that, teacher Jordy shall bring you through all the amazing features like creating titles, adding effects, working with audio and much more.

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What is Premiere Pro?

With Adobe Premiere Pro CC you can start editing your videos in a professional environment. The software provides you with many tools such as managing your media, cutting clips, adding effects, mastering the audio and many more.

Getting started with a new piece of software is not that easy. So many buttons to remember and hidden features you just can’t find.


What will I learn?

In this course you will learn the fundamentals. That means; the important things! We’ll start off with setting up our project correctly. Next you’ll learn how to use the user interface. This will follow with the basics of cutting and slicing your clips and we’ll end by adding some fun effects to our clips. Once your masterpiece is complete, it’s time to export it with the correct settings to share it online or anywhere else.