A Masking Tutorial where we show you 5 tricks how to create faster and better masks in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Our good old friend masking. Some of you love it, some of you hate it. But you can’t argue that it’s a must have for anyone trying to create visuals for their video. This is why I think people like Zach King should definitely watch this video and maybe they’ll learn learn a trick or two.

In this video we’ll show you 5 tips, but my favorite is number 4 and here is why! If I tell you that instead of creating 1 big mask you should do several smaller ones you would say I’m crazy. That’s exactly what I first thought too! Yet creating several smaller masks is going to save you so much time! For example, if you need to mask out a person you should mask from joint to joint, forearms, upper arm, upperleg, lower leg, etc. If you do this you won’t need to scroll around too much to create a perfect mask. Also you’ll have smaller areas to concentrate on which mean fewer keyframes to move around at ones. At first I needed to get use to it but now I love it and would never go back! So make sure to check this video out and become a pro at masking.

Yeah, I Did It

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