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How to find the right music for your film

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Post Production

How to find the right music for your films? In this video we give 3 music examples for short films, commercials and corporate film.

Choosing music for your film or scene is not like picking out a bread. Music is a very powerful element of a film experience and tells a certain story on its own. Therefore it’s very important that you chose the right music for your film.

In the video above we’ll cover 3 typical film projects; feature or short films, commercials and corporate films. In all three examples we analyze what we’re seeing and what we want to communicate. That’s right, music communicates. One song can tell a different story during a scene than another song under that same scene.

A Clockwork Orange

There’re many famous examples of where music sets just the right tone in film. But this scenes below does stand out from the crowd. What appears to be a horrible scene about 4 guys breaking into a house and raping a woman, the music plays an entire opposite tone. It’s a happy song, which goes in against everything you see. And that’s exactly what makes this scene so great!

The scene is being told from the intruders. They are happy, playful and enjoy there actions. For us, it’s total chaos and this music emphasizes that even more. More than if we would put dramatic music on it.


We wanna thank PremiumBeat for sponsoring this episode again. They provided us the songs from the examples, which we picked out from their library.

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