Use your phone and the Display.Land app to scan locations and objects to real 3D Models which you can open in Cinema4D, Blender, Maya and more.

Since short we’ve been experimenting with motion capture and character animation in Cinema 4D. When you have a good model, you can actually automatically rig it which allows you to animate the model. There’s an online program called ‘Mixamo‘ which is really easy to use.

Basically you upload your model and it rigs it for you. Important though is that your model stands in a T-pose. So when you’re searching online for a model, make sure it has that pose. And when you’re planning to scan a person, also make sure that the person stands in that T-pose.

After that it’s super easy. With Mixamo you can even chose one of the pre-animated rigs and apply it to your model.


Yannick Dancing

Model Yannick Dancing



Scanning objects is not something new. YouTuber Cinematography database has been sharing many videos about scanning objects and locations. But you need to know your way through specific software and the hardware is super expensive ($20,000+). So that’s where Display.Land stands out! It’s a free app, and with free I mean no premium wall and no ads. The app lets you scan real objects and environments. I won’t give you similar results as professional hardware does, but it actually does a very good job. With some practice you can get some very nice models that are very usable.