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Be Prepared! 3 Steps to a better filmmaking workflow

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Pre-Production, Tips and Tricks, Workflow

Preparing for a film shoot helps you to work faster on the set. We’re sharing our workflow in this video to increase your production quality!

When filming there is always a chance something will go wrong and mostly it does. But with some preparation it’s possible to minimize this chance, so you can focus more on the details like your set up, props, lenses, camera placement and so on. That’s why we like to share our own filmmaking workflow, so you can put more time in being creative.

Our workflow isn’t the typical standard scenario/script, we used its principals and modified it to our needs. We combined the essentials, so everything important will be in one single document. This improves the communication towards everyone else working on the film. It will also make it more clear what gear, props, crew, actors are needed so you can prepare everything in the smallest details.

Preparing for a small production normally starts with a concept, writing a script and then creating a storyboard. These preparations demand some time and knowledge to do correctly. Also when working with separate documents like a script and storyboard, your oversight of the project will be more difficult. This doesn’t mean it’s a bad way to work, we just found it was easier to combine the important aspects.

When writing a script you’re telling a story, but keep in mind you need to write the story so it encompasses the visual and auditory aspects. Everything from face expressions to the fall of a leaf in a cold autumn night needs to be described in detail. This is a reason why most of the time a script won’t be the work of 1 person, but will be reread and rewritten. A good tip before you begin is to read a couple of scripts of your favorite movies and see how they described the scenes.

One of the most important parts in your planning and communication towards others is the storyboard. This is a tool for sketching out how a video will unfold in the form of a comic book. Each square represents a shot and show the location, the props, the actors, the dialogues, etc. that are present in the scene. When reading the storyboard you will be able to see the film playing inside your head.

So it’s up to you how you prepare for your film, just keep in mind that a better preparation will lead to better shots and more time to be creative!


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