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3D Parallax Zoom Transition in Premiere Pro

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Photoshop Tutorials, Premiere Pro Tutorials

3D Parallax, Advanced, transition

How to create a 3D parallax effect with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premiere Pro, which after we’ll make an epic crash zoom transition.

It’s Friday, which means we’re publishing a new Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial again. We noticed how many people still use Premiere Pro CS6, so therefore we looked for a workflow that allows everyone to follow along. That’s why we’re using Adobe Photoshop together with Premiere Pro.

As as Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, the mask tool was introduced. This allowed us to mask out specific elements and even track that with the motion of the video. A very nice feature that is definitely worth upgrading to!

In this tutorial, we’re working on a still frame. Since Adobe Photoshop has much better tools for masking and selection details such as hair, we’ll be using that.

When you cut out different elements in a frame and lay them on top of each other, it seems like nothing has changed. But you can then add a nice motion effect into it, like the 3D parallax, to make the still picture come to live, by creating different animations on each layer separate.

Layers in Photoshop

The Adobe’s dynamic link will allow us to  import the Photoshop and use the different layers inside Premiere Pro.


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