Learn how to design and animate these 4 amazing titles using simpel effects in Adobe Premiere Pro. An easy way to create text animations that look beautiful in this Tutorial.

I remember when I first applied for a job here at Cinecom. To really standout I made a CV video with a lot of motion design. I put a lot of effort in it, to make it really personal towards Cinecom. However after I was hired, Jordy told me I used some cool templates. I don’t know if it’s a complement or not, but hey I got the job. And no all my graphics were made completely by me, no templates used.

Now the moral of this story? Well that motion design or title design can really have an impact on your audience. Doesn’t matter if you use it for your YouTube videos, Feature Films or even for your CV videos. You always need to make sure that you title and all it’s animations tell a story. Of course don’t over do it and make them to cliche. Sometimes less is more of course. But still, let them be a surplus value to you story. Use some clever designs and animations to cooperate them in the bigger picture of your concept.

And something else I also want to say, it doesn’t really mater in which software you make it. Every software has it’s restrictions and advantages. I personally prefer After Effects, but if you are better with Premiere Pro that’s fine too. Just use your favorite one.