5 Essential Effects in Premiere Pro for Advanced Users – Part 2

//5 Essential Effects in Premiere Pro for Advanced Users – Part 2

5 more essential Premiere Pro effects that you must know for your advanced edits. Take your montage to the next creative level.

We recently did a tutorial about 5 Essential Premiere Pro effects and because of it’s success we decided to give you a part 2. Like we said back then, it’s near impossible to fully master Premiere Pro. But with this tutorial about 5 new essential effects in Premiere Pro, you’re a little step closer to become an advanced editor in Premiere Pro.

When creating motion graphics, After Effects is the best software to use. But this doesn’t mean Premiere Pro can’t handle the job. With some creativity and skill you can create awesome motion graphics with simple effects. Linear Wipe is one of these effects you can use to animate your text or shapes. It’s mostly used to create a transition wipe, but can also be used to make your object or text appear. In this tutorial we give a quick and simple example of how you can use the effect for a maximum result.

Another great effect for you motion graphics is the roughen Edges. This effects will make your text look alive. It makes the edges move like a sort of liquid. And if you play enough with the settings you can create stunning animations with just this simple effect.

Because of the size and possibilities Premiere Pro has to offer, you can create certain effects in different ways. With these tutorials we like to share our experiences  and our favorites effects. So it’s perfectly possible that these effects are not for you or maybe they are a gift from heaven. The best advice we can give you is experiment and practice enough to reach your goal.

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