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5 Fast & Easy Creative Effects in Premiere Pro

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

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5 creative effects in Adobe Premiere Pro that you can create super fast and easy. Learn how to create stylish looks for creative music videos in this tutorial.

Another week another Creative Tuesday although it’s not Tuesday today but Wednesday. Yes we did miss the upload from yesterday and are very sad that we did so. This is the first time in Cinecom history we miss an upload. If you are interested in seeing why this happened make sure to check out this video!

But without further delay let’s take a look at what we have created for you guys today! 5 UNUSUAL Premiere Pro Effects! This video is the perfect example to show you that your creativity is the limit. In this video we explain how you can use 5 effects from premiere pro in a different way than they were designed for and create some cool looking effects. It’s always fun to play around in Premiere Pro and try to discover new things. Whenever I have some free time I like to start up the program and use different effects on the same clip. All effects act different with each other and if you play around long enough you’ll find some cool looking combination that you can use in your next project.

A good example of this is the immersive video effects in premiere pro. These effects are design to stylize your 360/VR footage and to prevent unwanted artifacts on your footage. But by playing around with these effect we found a whole new purpose for them. With these effects creating glitch effect was never so easy, you can check the result right here!

So next time that you have some free time do what I do and test what certain effect and combine them and I will guarantee you that you’ll find something cool!

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