Create stunning title and text animations super fast & easy in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial. Learn how to use simply effects on your text and animate them to give a stylish look to your videos.

Today we are doing a Creative Tuesday that I really like and I’m quite good at. We are going to do some motion design and create 5 fast and simple title animations. Of course we are going to create this inside Premiere Pro, because why not? With the latest updates from Premiere Pro, animating texts has become a lot easier. This is all due to the essential Graphics panel, which gives you a lot more functions and options to animate your text.

But to be honest, it still doesn’t come close to After Effects. Whenever I want to make some motion design, I immediately go for After Effects. And I do this purely because it will make my work a lot easier. Because I could probably do exactly the same with Premiere Pro, but would have to use a couple of steps more then in After Effects. And you know what they say, time is money. Also a big advantage with After Effects is the motion blur and how easy it is to add this motion blur. When you have animated something, you can just add the wanted motion blur with one simple click. And if you want you can even determine how much motion blur you want with some advanced settings. But again, Premiere Pro can do exactly the same, but just in a different way.

Title Animation Typography

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