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Create Motion Blur (no plugins) in Premiere Pro

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Motion Blur, premiere pro, Quick Tip

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Give natural motion blur to your (text) animations in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to do it without any third party plugins in this quick tutorial video.

 When you create an animation in Premiere Pro there are several things to think about to make it look natural. In a previous tutorial we’ve learned how to create smooth keyframes for a natural flow. But there’s also motion blur that has to be created. If you wave your hand before your eyes or film a fast running person, you would see a blur. That is motion blur.

Inside After Effects we have the option to just “enable” this option where the program will do the work for us. In Premiere Pro we don’t have that option nor we have any plugins to do it for us. There are third party plugins, but they cost money and aren’t always so cheap:

Luckily there’s a work around for it! Search for the effect “Directional Blur” and add it to the layer your want the motion blur on. And now it’s up to you to animate the direction of the blur so that it follows the movement of you object or text. In combination you want to animate the blur length as well if your object changes in speed. But be careful not to overdo the blur length!

5 Day Deal Give Away Contest

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