We recreated Doja Cat’s MOTION TRAIL (Premiere Pro)

Create the Colorfull Trail effect from music video Doja cat “Say so”. Learn how to create a Time Glitch Motion Trail effect in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial.

I most say, last few weeks we had a harder time finding a good idea for Copy Cat. There wasn’t really an effect that was trending and we could recreate. That’s why we went back in time with our Shrink like Ant-man video and the face morphing effect from Michael Jackson. Both older effects, but still fun to make. Luckily this week was easier, the hardest part was choosing one of the trending videos.

But eventually we went for the latest Doja Cat music video, Say So. This video has a very retro look to it, but not the effect we are recreating. We already made such an retro look effect two years ago, at that moment it was one of the most popular effects around. However now we are going to recreate the trippy rainbow echo you can see throughout the entire Doja Cat clip in our beloved Premiere Pro.

Rainbow Overload

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