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Eminem Venom Face Distortion Effect in Premiere Pro

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Eminem, Eminem venom, Marvel, Spiderman, Venom

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Learn how to create the face glitch effect from Eminem ‘Venom’ in Adobe Premiere Pro. In this video tutorial you will learn blending and animation tricks for face swapping and distortion techniques.

Another week, another Copy Cat Friday and another Eminem music clip that we are going to recreate. You are all probably thinking that we are super hard Eminem fans, well not so much. He is really popular at the moment and just released a new album. So it’s nearly impossible to go around the Eminem craziness and all his trending music clips. Other reasons are that the other music artists aren’t bringing out new clips to recreate. And we are of course waiting for the Marvel movie, hoping to recreate some cool effect from it. But for now we have to do it with the cool Venom Face distortion effect from Eminem.

Eminem’s recent clip ‘Venom’ is obviously made for the new Marvel movie Venom. In the comic book world Venom is the archenemy of Spiderman and is one of the greatest comic book villians. The Character is an alien liquid symbiote parasite, who needs a human host to survive. After bonding, the symbiote gives the human host super enhanced powers. The character was first invented as a alien costume for Spiderman in 1984. But was only once mentioned in the comic books in this form. From then it became a full character on it’s own, with Eddie Brock as it most famous human host. But back to the movie now, which is solely about Eddie Brock himself and the birth of his a Alien Symbiote counterpart Venom. It didn’t receive the best reviews from the critics, but personally we didn’t see it yet so we can’t really say if it’s good or not.


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