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5 Hidden Features in Premiere Pro (must know)

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

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5 secret hidden features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2020 everyone should know about! The 5 tips from this tutorial will help you edit videos faster and more convenient.

In my very first Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial I started the video with saying; ‘the first time you open Premiere Pro, you’ll be < what the hell!? >‘. And there where many comments from people who felt the same way. When switching from Windows Movie Maker or iMovie, Premiere Pro can be very overwhelming. Lots of buttons and windows with different functionality.

Even after 16 years of video editing experience, I still come across new options in Premiere Pro. Usually tucked away behind menus or preference panels. Not every option is useful to my editing workflow, but sometimes they are.

How to Find Hidden Features

Okay, they’re not really hidden. But with so many menus, it’s hard to find some options. While working on this video, I simply scouted through the menus and see what the options do. Sometimes a specific action didn’t do anything, so I searched it on Google. It’s that simple.

When you’re going like a train and you edit the one project after the other, you forget to take time and learn new things about the program you work in. For me that are the ‘Photoshop Tools’. Not world changing, but I did not knew that Premiere Pro had these options until I found them in the button editor.

By spending a little time exploring Premiere Pro, I will save much more in the future.

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2 thoughts on “5 Hidden Features in Premiere Pro (must know)”

  1. Why when I import video 59.94 Frame per seconds into premier pro become shorter the length of the video is 49.03 minutes become 24 minutes, I tried to import it into different video editing programs it becomes normal?

    Can you help?


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