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How to use Simple Titles in Premiere Pro

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Designer pack, premiere pro, Simple Titles

5 Day Deal Give Away Contest
Learn how to use Simple Titles, our free designer pack with 10 animated title templates for Premiere Pro that you can download from our site.

Simple Titles is a free to download designer pack which contains 10 pre-animated titles for Adobe Premiere Pro. In this video tutorial you will learn how to use Simple Titles templates.

Click here to download Simple Titles if you haven’t already.

The templates are made out of normal title files and are animated with basic effects or motion properties. This increases the compatibility with older version of Premiere Pro on both Mac and Windows. Inside the Premiere Pro project that acts as the template pack, you will find 10 sequences. Double click on any of these sequences to view the source clips.

Changing the text

In every template you will find one clip that has a different (yellow) color. This is the clip that must be edited to change the text of the title animation. Double click on it to open the title designer of Premiere Pro. Make sure you don’t move the text around, only change the text and basic appearance options like the text color.

Adjusting the title duration

In the source of every template sequence, you will find two blocks of clips. The one on the left is the incoming animation and the one on the right is the outgoing animation. You can select one of the groups and make them shorter in duration. Make sure to always close the gap between the two groups.

5 Day Deal Give Away Contest

32 thoughts on “How to use Simple Titles in Premiere Pro”

  1. Ciao Jordy, ho un problema!
    quando voglio inserire nuovamente lo stesso tipo di titolo, mi porta il testo utilizzato in precedenza, e se cambio il testo me lo cambia anche sul precedente! come posso fare?

  2. Hello, these are great!
    I was just wondering if there is a way to change the titles to lower case letters. I have tried but I am not able to, does anyone have a solution? Thanks 🙂

  3. Hey, this is awesome. But I also have a problem. I use Premiere Pro CC 2017, I don’t know if that makes a difference, but when I drag a sequence from the folder to my timeline, instead of showing one item, it shows all of the smaller parts that make it up, like what you would see if you double clicked it in the video. And also, it doesn’t show up on my video at all.

    • update: I now see it as one full clip and not the individual pieces, I figured that part out. But it still doesn’t play with the other clips in the video I’m editing, but it does play when I double click it to edit the name.

  4. Hey Jordy I know you’ve answered this multiple times but the ALT + DRAG trick is not working in CS6. It gives me the duplication symbol and creates a copy but not a duplicate with a separate source. Any suggestions?

  5. Hello, first of all thanks for sharing this titles they are amazing but I’m having an issue with them ’cause when I want to use a sequence more than once to make different titles with the same effect I change the text and it change also in all the titles how can i fix this? Thanks

  6. You show how to Shorten the title… I am having trouble making it longer… the animations go bad. Or am I doing it wrong. Going to have to do an export test because I can’t have any of the Mercury render hang. I did find my Mercury hang was related to “Morph Transitions” that were too short. I took them out and it rendered find.

    Please get back asap on the lengthen the title time and I’ll buy something!

    • You have to make sure you don’t cut into the keyframes. If an animation takes 2 seconds to complete and you cut it to 1 second, it will gives problems yes. You’ll have to go into the keyframes and make the animation shorter first.

  7. i just used you titles for a project, thank you for sharing.

    But – i cant export the movie!! it says – “error compiling movie – unknown error”.
    tried to change the project setting but i dont have any optionn, its grey.
    any idea on how to fix the problem?

  8. Finally I got the solution about duplicate text template. Here is the steps,
    1. Copy the “Simple Titles.prproj” and open it independently.
    2. edit the template to your style (if needed), delete other unused template and save it.
    3. Open your project drag the prproj files that we edited, Check “Allow importing duplicate media”.
    4. Rename the folder name and sequences that we import.
    5. Go to sequences, edit the title text you want.
    6. Repeat step 3-5. Drag project again and import again. Edit text you want.

    Hope that will help you.

  9. Hi

    I also have this problem with using the same title style a several times but with different text. I’ve watched your video
    There you explain the problem with common titles. I understand that and can reproduce it. But your simple titles are sequences and not common titles. It seems that the ALT-key trick (to duplicate) doesn’t work with sequences. So, I duplicatet a title sequence manually and renamed it. If I now change the text in the dublicated sequence, the text is still changed in the original sequence. So how can I use the same title style with different text. Please help me.

  10. Hello!
    I have the problem of not being able to render the project. I’ve done what you suggested before and checked that the render is “Mercury Playback Engine Software Only”. It is, but it still doesn’t work. Could you help me please? Tks!

  11. Hi,
    Many thanks for Simple Titles, which I’ve just downloaded and which are great. Could I suggest that you make them without an audiochannel? The first time I dragged a sequence over my timeline, I lost a section of audio and had to do a quick undo!

  12. Thank’s 🙂 I discovered your website today and you do an awesome work ! Really thanks you for all the tips and great video tutorial !

  13. I have a problem- I downloaded the files and they seemed to work fine but when i went to render or export it would tell me this
    “error compiling movie. unknown error” and in the logs it says “A low level exception occurred in: crop (AEVideoFilter)” Please help! I really like these templates.

    • Could you try the following: Head to your main menu and select File, Project Settings, General. Then change your renderer setting to “Mercury Playback Engine Software Only”.

  14. How do I use that same title sequence in the same timeline more than once but with different words? The problem is that when I duplicate the title sequence a second time on the timeline I can’t change the words in the title without it changing the words in the first title. Sorry – a bit hard to explain.

  15. Hi Jordy, After I downloaded and used your awesome SIMPLE TITLES! Thank you by the way, i love them!! My project is not saving. It’s saying it has a permission error. Is this a common thing? Any suggestions? I have tried to make sure that the project is read and write.

    Thank you so much!

  16. I have a problem – how to add multiple templates to the same clip? Every time i make a change it applies to all titles. Any solution? Great titles BTW.

  17. Try to drag a title into a new sequence. Premiere will ask if you want to match that to your sequence. Select yes and try to render it again. Let me know your results.


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