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Impossible Trick Shots in Premiere Pro (Dude Perfect)

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

dude perfect, editing tricks, Impossible tricks, masking tricks, premiere pro, Trick-shot

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Learn how to fake impossible trick-shots in Adobe Premiere Pro, inspired by the real tricks from Dude Perfect. Use simple editing and masking tricks to amaze your audience and be next trick-shot star.

So guys, last week we promised you that Lorenzo would write this article about his internship. But due to the busy schedule and hitting the 500K subscribers, we are postponing Lorenzo’s article. But no worries it still coming, just not this week. I also already mentioned it, but guys we did it!! We hit the 500K! And this is all because of you, without you guys it wouldn’t be possible and I would be probably be out of a job. So thank you for your support and love! It won’t go unnoticed and you can expect something special very soon! Just keep watching the channel.

 Yannick Celebrating

With that being said we can talk about this weeks tutorial, where we are going to show you how you can do impossible trick-shots with Premiere Pro. Everybody knows the famous channel DudePerfect, a bunch of guys doing trick-shots with everything you can imagine. It’s also often questioned if it’s real, because some of these shots seem pretty impossible. Well after today you are going to know how to do these impossible shots yourselves. We are explaining two ways to do your tricks in Premiere Pro. And you’ll see that it’s super easy with some masking and editing tricks. Before you know it, you are competing with DudePerfect for the crown of trick-shots. So let’s get into it and amaze the world!


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5 Day Deal Give Away Contest

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