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3 Incredible Color Grading Hacks! (Premiere Pro Tutorial)

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Color Grading hacks that changed how I correct my videos. Learn how to grade a perfect teal & orange, clarity and HDR Look with Premiere Pro Lumetri

LUT’s in Color Grading

You finished shooting and are finally done with the edit of your new video. But something is missing… That’s right… color grading. I know some of you hate this part of creating videos. Going over every single shot and spending so much time on it… You would be tempted to just throw a LUT over it and call it a day. But let me tell you why you shouldn’t do that!

Of course I’m not saying that using LUT’s is bad. We for example use them too, It can be a great starting point for your grading but never solely use a LUT.

Good Color grading adds to your story

Just as framing, lens choice, camera movement and so much more tells a certain message so does your grading. You can completely change the mood of you shot by just pulling some sliders.

One example is the temperature slider. As the name suggest changing this will change how warm or cold a certain shot looks. You see this a lot when they show country’s where its super warm or cold, here they will push these colors so it radiates the environment.

Color grading meme breaking bad
Breaking Bad

Another example is green in the skin tones. When watching horror movies you can notice they always add a little green. Adding this makes the viewer uneasy, sick, It shows that something is wrong.

As you can see in this example of The Walking Dead, the right picture is how the show has color graded it. On the left one I took away the green and you can instantly see and feel a way different vibe.

the walking dead green skin tones
The Walking Dead

As you can see color grading can completely change the mood of a shot. The sky is the limit when it comes to this.

Cinema Grade

An evolutionary plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro, Cinema Grade provides a much better and faster workflow to color correct and grade your videos. Onscreen grading, X-Rite support, LUT preview manager, false color and much more.

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