Jump Through a Portal in Premiere Pro

//Jump Through a Portal in Premiere Pro

Learn how to create a portal to another room in this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial. Based on the portal game we’ll create a simple portal effect through which you can jump. Use simple masking and editing techniques to create a stunning Visual Effect.

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What up you guys! It’s your favorite day, WEEKEND! No I’m joking, of course I mean Copy Cat Friday! The most fun day of the week, where we recreate effects from everything you can find! In this weeks tutorial we tackle a subject that was demanded by a few of you guys, a portal effect. Some of you asked for the effect from Dr Strange and others just a portal effect. So we decided to do a portal effect that everybody knows, the one from the super famous portal game. Basically it’s a regular portal you jump through and come out in another room through a different portal. Like every portal works.

For this tutorial we had a hard time with finding a simple way of doing the effect and jumping through it. We really racked our brains over it. But with some researching and brainstorming we found a fairly simple way to create a portal effect while jumping in it. And that was the key, you have to jump in it from above. First we wanted to go through a portal in the wall, but this was difficult because you couldn’t go past you wall. Of course it was all possible in After Effects with some tracking. However we really wanted to create it in Premiere Pro, because you already have enough portal tutorials in After Effects and none in Premiere Pro.

And now that we are talking about Portal, did you guys ever played the game? Jordy and me were/are fervent gamers, but we mainly played shooters and rpgs. For example did you know that Jordy was third in the Euorpean clan based contest for Call of duty 1. And after that he really freaked out on World of Warcraft, releasing his inner nerd. Me however just played casually, but a lot! If you have cool gamer stories, we would always like to hear them!

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We used two songs from Premiumbeat. The one from the intro is called ‘Bicycle at Night‘ and the one in the middle of the video is ‘It Ain’t Enough‘.

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  1. prashant September 9, 2018 at 12:13 pm - Reply

    thank you so much

  2. francis todriguez June 2, 2018 at 3:15 am - Reply

    can u teach me the dr. strange thing effects…like shield, portal etc.

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