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Learn how to make the laptop transition from Casey Neistat’s mega vlog. Sync multiple clips in Premiere Pro to transition during your edit.

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Since I did a vlog for the first time, I’m slowly enjoying it more and more. I would watch other vloggers like Casey Neistat also a lot more than I used to.

In one of his latest videos, titled ‘THE MEGAVLOG IS FINALLY HERE‘, I saw him doing some transitions from a certain scene to his editing environment. I call this the laptop transition!

Casey Neistat Mega Vlog

Simple Laptop Transition

Like every Friday, we look for exiting new ways to use Premiere Pro. This tutorial video might not be that exiting, but it’s certainly a very nice transition! This is something we can’t overlook. You don’t need 12 layers and 18 effects to have a nice result. Often the simplest things can create stunning effects.

That’s why I was inspired to create a tutorial on this. Sometimes we need to take a little step back and look for simply things that just look great!


One of the things we learn in this tutorial video is how to sync two shots. Often we would do dance shows with a couple DSLR’s. We end up with a bunch of clips that need to be synced. And when there’s violin, it’s not easy to sync on that kind of music. That’s why we also try to look at visuals. When a dancer just touches the ground with her feet, then that’s a point we can sync all the cameras to.

Once you’ve got everything synced, you can chose to either work with different layers, or just have everything on one track and use the rolling edit tool to change the edit points.

Premium Beat

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