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Run Fast like the Flash in Premiere Pro

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

premiere pro, Super Hero Look, The Flash

Fast run like The Flash from Justice League in this Advanced Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial. Create realistic lightning and a super speed effect!

Jordy is always saying to work faster and make deadlines. So that’s why I found a way to be faster than lightning, I became The Flash! You all probably already saw the new Super Hero movie, Justice League. We found the effect from the Flash starting to run very cool and decided to recreate it in Premiere Pro. And you are all now thinking, why Premiere Pro and not After Effects like a normal person? Well that’s the reason, we aren’t normal and asked ourselves if we could make the same effect in Premiere Pro with some simple effects. And that’s what we recreated in this premiere Pro tutorial.

These days you can’t turn on the TV without seeing a super hero film or serie. They are everywhere and now you can also be one in your own videos. But Super hero movies aren’t just special effects, there is more to the hero’s then you would expect. They need to appeal to the audience, so people can relate to them and compare themselves with them. More human super hero’s will be more likable then indestructible ones. This is because people want to relate to what they see, they want to be the super hero. But of course the hero still has to be someone to look up to. So when creating your own Super hero, just keep in mind that he needs to be appealing to the masses so he can be loved.

But of course the awesome special effects are what make super hero movies so great to watch! They use great color grading, practical effects and green screens for most of the Special effects that you see in the movies. These green screens are necessary when you want to do compositing, which  means combining visual elements from different sources into a single image. This lets you create stunning landscapes or action scenes. The compositing is all done on computers these days, but 40 years back they all did it by hand with paintings and with scale model the animated by hand. So don’t let a small budget hold you back for creating an awesome Super Hero movie, you can achieve a lot with just being creative.

RocketStock Vapor

This episode was made possible by Rocketstock’s video pack Vapor. A collection of more than 100 smoke, fog ans mist effects. They’ve made it very easy for everyone to add cinematic smoke to your projects in post-production. It has helped us with this video and I’m sure it will with many projects in the future!


The song came from Premiumbeat and is called Dreamcatcher by Tenacious Orchestra. All sound effects from the intro where either self-recorded or downloaded from Premiumbeat’s SFX library as well.

5 thoughts on “Run Fast like the Flash in Premiere Pro”

  1. hey , i just did the effect an am having trouble finding the flash sound effects , is there any place you know where is could find them ?

  2. hello guys please can you make the effect of spider man far from home. and please when are you guys going to do film making equipment give away…..


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