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Stand in the Middle of Traffic like Kendrick Lamar (Premiere Pro)

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Kendrick Lamar, Masking, premiere pro, Speed Ramp

Learn how to place yourself in the middle of a busy intersection, surrounded by cars, in Adobe Premiere Pro. This tutorial is inspired by Kendrick Lamar’s music video King’s Dead.

Guess what guys, it’s Copy Cat Friday! And guess who we are copying this time. I’ll give you a hint, it’s one of our favorite artist to copy. No it’s not Taylor Swift, but we do love to copy her! It’s Kendrick Lamar! He made a new song with Jay Rock and Future, which has a very random video clip. But in the end of the clip you have a part what caught our eye. In this part he is standing in the center of a crossroad and the cars are just passing him by. You can see that the cars are sped up and they also repeat themselves. We were really enthusiastic about this effect so we decided to dedicate a Copy Cat video to this.

Kendrick Lamar - King's Dead
Kendrick Lamar – King’s Dead

As you probably saw in the tutorial, the effect isn’t that hard. It uses simple editing techniques like masking, layering and speed ramping. All effects that you probably already knew. But that’s the beauty of it, you can achieve so much with simple effects. You just need a good idea and need to keep the execution as simple as possible. You will be surprised how some cool effects are just masking or blending. Of course you need some experience to get the details right and make it look professional. But hey, Rome wasn’t build in one day so don’t worry. With some practice you can really achieve a lot.

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Big thanks to Premiumbeat for the song Do It Better!

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