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We made a Super Easy Neon Dance Effect In Adobe Premiere Pro

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Chris Brown go crazy, Neon Scribble, Neon Trail, premiere pro, Young Thug GO crazy

Create the Neon Dance Effect from the music video “GO Crazy” by Chris Brown and Young Thug. In this Adobe Premiere Pro tutorial you learn how to work with the Find Edges, Glow extract, Tint and many more effects.

Neon Dance Trail

Guess who’s back…back again. Our good old friend the neon dance effect. Chris Brown released his new Music Video together with Young Thug. This video is full of fun AND easy effect. But the eye catcher here is the awesome neon trail following the dance moves. This is not a new effect but has sooo many different iterations at this point. From simple scribbles like in Bruno Mars That’s What I Like to the insane neon dance animations you know from these viral dance videos.

Bruno Mars That's What I Like Music Video
Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like(Music Video)
Viral Instagram Video
Viral Dance Video Animation

Sky Replacement

Next to the Neon Trail Effect we explain to you in this video. I also want to talk about some other cool effect in this music video which didn’t make the CopyCat.

In the Music Video you have 2 different kind of sky animations. One where you see the sky full of fireworks and another where you see purple lightning going through the sky.

For the fireworks you need a stock clips with you guessed it firework. First roto or mask the sky out(You can use different techniques here depending on your footage) 3D track the footage and link the clip with the fireworks to it. And there you go!

Chris Brown GO crazy
Firework sky replacement

The Lightning effect is even easier to achieve than the last one! You simple create a lightning beam with the Lightning effect inside of Premiere pro. Just adjust some settings and that’s it! You can always add clouds around it and make them light up together to create more depth.

We even did a video where we used this effect. I’ll leave a link right here so you guys can check it out more in detail.

Lightning effect


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