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VHS / Bad TV Effect from Lana Del Rey (Premiere pro tutorial)

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Premiere Pro Tutorials

Recreate the VHS / Bad TV effect from Lana Del Rey’s music video Lust for Live in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn how to color grade, mask and blend.

The latest music ‘Lust for Life’ from Lana Del Rey is all set in the sixties. Those wonderful stages studios with individual platforms for the background dancers. And of course we can’t forget the VHS or Bad TV look.

You have two ways to create that VHS distortion; or you get a real old camera and tape it to a VHS or you add some glitch and distortion effects in Adobe Premiere Pro.

A while back we made a free Designer Pack that hold 5 glitch and distortion effects for Premiere Pro. Those can just be dragged onto your footage, ét voila!  But some distortions require some more tweaking than just drag and dropping an effect.

While analyzing the music video from Lana Del Rey, I found out that they’ve much tweak to get their desired effect. It’s JUST a VHS distortion. They’ve payed much attention to the sixties lifestyle. You can see it in the decor, the costumes, lighting and pale skin tones. This last thing was done in post production.

Beauty has always been important, but in the sixties and seventies what was really ‘in’, where those gloom or dream effects to make the skin tones more softer. This can be created in Premiere Pro like shown in the tutorial, but previously we’ve also made a video on how to achieve this technique in-camera. Such lens hacks are super awesome to experiment with! Later we’ve even made 5 more of such lens hacks.

VHS Effect

The VHS distortion overlay comes from Johny Bekavac and can be downloaded from his Vimeo page, or from the project file attached to this post.


The stock grain used in this tutorial video comes from RocketStock Emulsion.  Emulsion features stunning 4K film grain scans, shot on real film using high-end studio cameras. The pack grants you access to a variety of looks from vintage film stocks including Eastman Double X, Kodak Vision3, and Agfa Chrome.

To learn more about how to get that film look by using stock grain, checkout our collaboration video with Shane Hurlbut.

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