5 Must Have Filmmaking Accessories Under $10 – Part 2

//5 Must Have Filmmaking Accessories Under $10 – Part 2

These 5 filmmaking gadgets under $10 are a must have for every filmmaker who want to create professional videos on a small budget.

To create videos you often need extra gear to achieve your wanted results. But as everybody know, gear can be quite expensive. And then you still have the possibility you want use it that much or is doesn’t fit your needs. So that’s why we made a part 2 of our Filmmaking gadgets under the $10. We recently made part 1 with 5 handy gadgets like a lens step up ring, a mini ball head and even a viewfinder eye cup. So definitely check that out if you’re looking for more gadgets on low budget.

I often look on Ebay for cheap gadgets. I wouldn’t suggest to get your camera off from there, but small things like screw, clamps and other gadgets are perfect! Many of these gadgets come to my mind when I need them, but often I would also just ‘find them’ when browsing through the different camera shops.

Gadgets from the Video


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Started as a graphic designer with a huge passion for film. When I met Jordy, filmmaking became more than a passion; it became life!

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