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10.000 Subscribers: Here’s a Q&A!

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Community, Q&A, Youtube

In my last video I announced that everyone can ask me any question. Today we’ve got 10K subscribers and to celebrate I’m answering all those question.

Our Youtube channel was created a long time ago in 2009. Since that time I sometimes uploaded a new video, but never with a real purpose to grow the channel. But a couple of years later, some popular videos where able to get me to 10 thousand subscribers. It’s not much, but it does mean a lot to me. This tells me that there’re people out there that like my content and support me which I appreciate so much. This message definitely wakes me up to take Youtube more serious.

In in my previous video I announced that I was going to hit 10k subscribers and I asked everyone to pop any questions in the comments. Today I will take ALL your questions and answer them in this video (plus you get to see my new studio).

I’ve received many questions related to filmmaking, but also some personal questions which I both love to answer. I’m even thinking to do these Q&A’s more often as it was so fun to do. Perhaps a new series for in the future?

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