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Ask me anything for a big milestone

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Cinecom Complete Bundle
Ask me anything because soon our channel will hit 10k subscribers which will be a milestone. Pop your questions in the comments and I will answer them.

I’m very proud to announce that I’ll be hitting 10 thousand subscribers and 1 million views in about a month. I thought to give my community something back by answering their questions.

You may ask any question that pops into your mind. Need advice on a new camera or you have some trouble in Premiere Pro? But also personal questions are welcome. You wanna know some background history of me? Or maybe you’d like to know my favorite food? Ask me anything, so think out of the box 🙂 I’m not expecting a flood of comments, so chances are pretty big I will answer yours.

Don’t know where to ask your questions? Well, you can basically anywhere. You’ve got a comment section on this page that you can use, but of course also on Youtube or other social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. And for the hipsters out there, check out the Contact page for our mailing address to which you can send a written letter 🙂

If you’re landing on this page after August 2015, then you can find the video where I answer all the question here.

Cinecom Complete Bundle

9 thoughts on “Ask me anything for a big milestone”

    • Yes! It’s possible with the multicam editor. I don’t have a direct tutorial of it myself, but when you search “multicam in premiere pro” on Youtube you will definitely find more information about it.

    • I’m sorry for the trouble. You can contact Udemy’s support or if you want I can pass it to their customer service. Please send me a private message on Udemy with your payment details.

  1. Hello there. Thanks for communicating with us! 😀 I’m just starting to dig into AE, motion graphics and shape/titles animation, so your tutorials come really handy. Thanks again! Soo… My question is – maybe you can do a tutorial of making some fancy yet simple animation of logos, like youtube, facebook or twitter, like in this video: I tried to make something similar, but i guess i was made with some techniques, which are yet unknown to me… So yeah, thats all. I guess it may be interesting to others as well, and if it’s bothersome – oh well 😀 Thx again!

  2. There is a question here…

    The Konova stability arms look great. I use a light stand at one end and a Velbon D-600 tripod (on a Velbon DL-100 dolly) at the other end. Ball and socket tripod heads on both. The camera is mounted on a Manfodo pro cine head (fluid) with focus puller and mat hood. All very bulky and takes ages to set up but works great. I use a Nikon D800 by the way, which leads to my question.

    I kinda regret getting the D800 and should have got the D800e. I emailed Nikon thinking there might be a way to convert the D800 to the D800e specs (ie: lose the filter) but they said it was impossible. I’m now thinking that their reply was a little final. Surely the sensor could be replaced without reverse engineering the whole camera?


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