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Copy Cat Rewind (We did some Stupid Stuff…)

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Copy Cat, rewind

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Copy Cat is a series where we breakdown visual effects from music videos and film and show the internet how it’s done using simple techniques in Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. In this episode we take a look at the past 3 years and the Copy Cat videos we’ve made.

3 years, that’s how long we are making YouTube videos already. Unfortunately I’ve only been around for 6 months so I wasn’t there with most of them. But I decided to make a nice compilation of some of the most iconic Copy Cat Friday videos that we made at Cinecom. And because the YouTube REWIND wasn’t that great (again)… I decided to format this weeks Copycat into our very own Cinecom REWIND!

We’re watching some of our most hilarious videos, but also videos where things went wrong. Cool superhero effects and our Zach King addiction is also a theme in this video. We put on our nicest suits, made a home cinema and some popcorn to re-watch these Copy Cat videos.

Will Smith - Rewind

We had some much fun making all of these videos and the effects. We hope you had fun watching them, learned a lot from the video and will keep on watching our future Copy Cat videos. We wish you all a happy and creative 2020, where all of your cool effects and projects may come to live!

Enjoy our Copy Cat Rewind and maybe join us along in the comment section to tell us:

  • What is your favorite Copy Cat video?
  • What was the first Copy Cat video that you have seen?
  • Which video did you use for one of your own projects?
  • Which video is the most iconic to you?
Casey Neistat - Rewind
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2 thoughts on “Copy Cat Rewind (We did some Stupid Stuff…)”

  1. Great work guys. Someday I’ll have your talents. As long as you keep producing videos I’ll keep on watching.
    Thanks so much for sharing your creativeness with Us,

  2. You guys are great and definitely give me some ideas and projects I would like to try based on your Copy Cat projects you have done. Keep up the great work.


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