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GAME OVER (Animated Short Film)

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game, Short Film

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Jordy gets sucked into a Gameboy and needs to fight his way out of the game. An animated short film in collaboration with Adobe.

Short Film Story and Concept

2 weeks ago, Adobe reached out to us to try out their new 3D tools in After Effects and create a short film with that. Their demo video inspired us to work with 2D illustrations and offset the layers in After Effects to create a 3D scene.

After Effects 3D
3D scene in Adobe After Effects

There wasn’t really an inspiration for the story, we simply sat down together to brainstorm and formulated a concept which got more shape as we started working on the illustrations. Since we found a lot of illustrations that reminded us about ‘adventure’, we came with the idea to make a video game.

The Workflow

Our main workflow was between Illustrator and After Effects. Not only because we’re lacking time, but none us at Cinecom can actually draw. This is why we downloaded all illustrations from stock websites. These are vector images which can be opened with Adobe Illustrator. In here we would first clean up the files and rename the layers.

After that we can import the Illustrator file in After Effects and animate those layers. The great thing is that we can always go back to Illustration to make any adjustment. The illustrator file is automatically updated in After Effects.


In collaboration with Adobe, they asked us to also create 4 tutorials about the process behind the short film. You can find these in a playlist here.

These tutorials mostly show the workflow and process between Illustrator and After Effects. But also showcase how to build a 3D scene using the new tools in After Effects Beta.

Greenscreen Studio

As I needed to place myself into the animated world, we had to setup a big greenscreen in the studio. One of the first issues we ran into was the green spill on my arms and feet. I still don’t know how Hollywood does it, but the only way I can get a green screen to work is by creating 2 zones.

Greenscreen Studio
Jordy hanging upside down in the green screen studio

As for my feet, we decided to rotoscope those out. After Effects beta also comes with a new rotoscoping tool that does an amazing job! This was the first time we used it on such a big project and it worked great.

Partnership Adobe

This project was sponsored by Adobe. A big thanks to them for the support.

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3 thoughts on “GAME OVER (Animated Short Film)”

  1. Solo un comentario, si es una consola portátil de 8 bits, no creen que los gráficos deberían ser con ese estilo? no me malentiendan, me encanto, pero el look creo hubiera lucido más en un entorno de 8 bits.

    Just a comment, if it’s an 8-bit portable console, don’t you think the graphics should be in that style? don’t get me wrong, I loved it, but the look I think would have looked better in an 8-bit environment


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