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Home Stalone: A Deepfake Shortfilm

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deepfake, home alone, shortfilm, sylvester stallone

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Sylvester Stalone as Kevin from Home Alone has stolen the idea book of YouTubers Jordy & Yannick. Will they break into the house and steal back their book? Find out in this deepfakes shortfilm.

It’s the time of year again where we make our Christmas special! Last year we made a music video parody on ‘all I want for Christmas’. But as a big fan of Home Alone, I always wanted to do something around that film. So the idea of placing us in the film was quickly there.

Place Yourself in Any Movie

In a tutorial we did last summer, we showed you guys how to remove an actor from a scene using content aware fill. Using a green screen, we could then place ourselves in that film. However, this has its limitations. And with the rise of Deepfaking this year, we thought to explore those techniques.

Deepfaking is in essence not so hard, but it does require some practice and mostly trail and error. If you like to learn how to deepfake, check out this tutorial.

But like with all technology, nothing is perfect. Deepfake also has its limitation, which is why we went for a mix of everything. We also used a greenscreen to place ourselves into the film, made a ton of insert shots and superimposed us into a window of the house. Using the film as a reference we could match the lighting to the shots.

Superimposing Editing Technique

Thank You!

First of all, thank you to all the Cinecom fans who have been supporting us! We wish everyone a merry Christmas and a creative 2020! On this video we had great help from VFX Chris Ume, who did all of the deepfakes. Also big thanks to Film Riot for the scene they recreated in the TV of the kitchen scene!

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3 thoughts on “Home Stalone: A Deepfake Shortfilm”

  1. Here is a short film bySylvester stalone using Deepdale technology. It’s new technology used for this short film . Deepfaking is in essence not so hard, but it does require some practice and mostly trail and error. Thanks for this amazing article. Great to find which has same kind of wonderful tips, if possible then visit.

  2. Geweldig!!!!!na 1000 x gekeken te hebben nog steeds niet beu .Dat is kerstmis! Goed gedaan jongens.
    Fijne feestdagen en pas op met de dieven.


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