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We made a new Short Film: Game of Life

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john conway, Short Film, stuck, stuck-series

Robert is a researcher who has dedicated his career to the Game of Life. A simulation invented by John Conway in 1970. Robert hopes to find a visual pattern in the simulation that could mean something. One day he does. The greatest discovery in the history of mankind!

STUCK: Episode 02

STUCK is a short film series we’re making in which every episode only one talent appears in only one location. The character is always stuck, which the stories evolve around.

In the second episode of the short film series we tell the story of the ‘Game of Life’. It’s a simulation invented by mathematician John Conway in 1970. It inspired me to write a fictional story about that.

Game of Life Short Film
Behind the Scenes at the Game of Life Short Film

The Production of the Short Film

Working with only one action in one location makes the production of the short film easy. Essentially you don’t need a producer on set, which allows me to focus 100% on directing.

It’s a choice that I made after my last project, in which I failed as the creator of the short film. I had to hand out all the creative tasks, which made me the executive producer on set. I felt like I had no creative input.

I’m not sure yet how many episodes will follow within the series, but I sure am learning a lot. For the first time, I’m focusing 100% on the creative side. The short films you’re watching is exactly the story that I had in mind.

How we made the Visual Effects

This short film was produced in collaboration with Adobe. I created 4 tutorial videos from this short film, which are published to their YouTube channel.

You can watch the tutorials here. Definitely leave a comment on them 🙂

Behind the Scenes

Curious to watch the behind the scenes of the short film? Definitely do!

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