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NICELAND – a cinematic travel video

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Creative Tuesday, Iceland, Tips and Tricks, travel video

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A fast-cut travel film through the south-coast of Iceland during the autumn of 2018. Camera and Editing by Jordy Vandeput.

Jordy decided to finally finish his travel video from Iceland. And we thought it would be a good idea to publish it as our Creative Tuesday. Because nothing is more creative as Jordy’s look onto Iceland and all it’s beautiful nature. Of course the travel video isn’t really educational, that’s why I will give you some personal travel video tips we picked up during the few travel video we made.

Travel Video Tips

The first one is super obvious and you’re probably already doing it. But try to watch a lot of travel videos before you start on your own. This way you can find a style you really like and learn from others. I don’t recommend copying others, just use them as an inspiration. Mix everything that inspires you and create your own unique style.

Another tip that I can give you and that will really help your workflow during shooting, pre-set some camera setting on the Function shortkeys (Fn). Most cameras have these function buttons, which you can use as shortkeys to certain settings in your camera, such as white ballance and so on. But what you can also do is create a picture profile for shooting outside and inside or at night and save these under the functions buttons. With setting picture profile I mean the ISO, Shutterspeed, white balance and Aperture This way you can switch easily between them and this will save time will shooting and you can enjoy the surrounds more.

Iceland Sheep Hyperlapse
Quick Hyper-lapse of some Sheep in Iceland

Tip number 3 I want to give you is film enough shots of where you are traveling. Nothing is more frustrating then editing your travel video and releasing that you don’t have enough shots. However, to many shots is also not fun to work with. Editing takes more time, you don’t know what to choose… So you have to find a perfect balance between enough shoots and to many. But tip number 4 can maybe help you out when you don’t have enough shots. this tip is stockfootage, if you are missing drone shots because you don’t have a drone. Well most likey someone already made this for you and you can find them on stock websites.

We always use Videoblocks for our stock videos. As it’s a fast growing library and we always find something that we need. Another fun thing about stock websites such as Videoblocks, you can also sell you footage. After you are done editing and you have plenty of footage, you can upload and sell them on Videoblocks. This is something we are also going to do with the Iceland footage in the course of the next weeks.

And the last tip I want to give you is, enjoy your traveling. Enjoy the moment you are there. I recommend to film everything, but I also recommend to sometimes put down your camera and take it all in. You are probably only there once, so make the best of it.

Cinecom Complete Bundle

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