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Routine (2019) – POV Sci-Fi Short Film

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fiction, pov, Sci fi, Short Film, shortfilm

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Through the eyes of the actor, you experience his daily routine. A routine that turns into a madness and glitches out his reality. A Point of View Sci-Fi short film in collaboration with Adobe.

Sometimes it’s good not to make a tutorial but rather a creative video. In collaboration with Adobe, I was given the assignment to create an inspiring video. Yup, that where all the guidelines. But as a creative person, I like to have lots of freedom. And after some quick brainstorming I came to the idea to make a Point Of View (POV) short film.

One of my most memorable tutorials we did on the channel was the recreation of Hardcore Henry, which is a POV feature film. Shooting that episode was so much fun! Only this time, I decided to go for a different story.


Routine tells a social story, a message that I personally want to bring out to the world. Once your life is set, it’s easy to fall into a routine. And although some routine is actually healthy for most, it’s still important to control your own life. Don’t postpone or dream, but make your own wishes come trough. Break through the routine and step out of your comfort zone.


It was great working together with Adobe. It inspired me a lot and I’m very thankful for the creative freedom they gave me. This short film come 100% through my hearth.

If you like to see how I’ve made the short film, then definitely make sure to check out the dedicated tutorial playlist on the Adobe Creative Cloud’s YouTube channel.

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