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My Ultimate (massive) Dream Desk

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Cinecom Complete Bundle
Office Tour of our new ultimate Dream Desk. This massive DIY office desk fits 4 people for video editing. A custom industrial design with wood.

I finally have my dream desk

In January this year we decided that it was time to rebuild our office. We had been working in the office for about 3 years now so it was time to reorganize everything. We traded our boring looking dark desks for a fresh and completely customized industrial look.

Floating Industrial Desk

We wanted to have a fresh and bright look in our office. A solid one piece desk that would be very sturdy and big so that everyone had enough space for his work area. Online we ordered steel industrial pipes which are easily customized to your liking. That way you don’t have cut or bend them.

They are delivered in the right size so you just have to screw them together with the joints. Once they were placed we added wooden tabletops. We chose tabletops made of full oak because they are very bright and sturdy. These tabletops are just placed on top of the steel pipes, they are not screwed in or connected in another way.

Working with a team

As you may know we’re currently with four employees at Cinecom. And you may think that working in a team can be frustrating and very chaotic but we have a great way to solve this. Not only do we all have custom build computers with great performance.

We also use a NAS as a heart of this office. A NAS or Network Attached Storage is a server system that contains hard drives that are installed with a raid system. This means that at any time one or two of the drives can completely crash or fail without us losing any data. We can simply replace those hard drives. We’re using three NAS’ from Synology.

Now the benefit of this is that we all have access to all the files and no one has files stored on his own computer. With the use of CAT 6a ethernet cables and 10 gigabit cards in our NAS and computers we are able to get a super fast connection.

New Office 2020
New Office in 2020

We’re so happy with how our new office turned out. It’s a very bright and spacious office and everyone has a lot of comfort on his desk. Every desk has space for two monitors and everyone has a drawer for himself (they also serve as support for the desk).

Get your own NAS

Like mentioned above we use a NAS system for all our data storage. This has amazing benefits and from the NAS you can assign specific restrictions to certain users. And you can even download apps. I don’t only recommend NAS systems to companies and small businesses but also to freelancers. It’s a safe way to save all your data or make a back-up of your projects and footage.

We use the NAS systems by Synology but of course there are other systems on the market that are evenly good. We’ve had a lot of positive experiences with Synology, their products and their support so I highly recommend those.

They also helped us with our brand new Skillshare course which is about editing in teams. It has both tips on servers as some useful Premiere Pro tips for editing in teams. A great feature of Synology is their NAS Selector on their website. This makes it easier for everyone to see which NAS suits you best.

Cinecom Complete Bundle

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  1. my career in Africa of becoming an animator started from the day i saw you guys am not that good in editing buh am looking forward for help and yearning to learn more so that i can change my life by offering such services of designing and as well as my community projects to look more ow-some.


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