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2021 Failure Short Film

Why 2021 is going to be a FAILURE

I’ve finally finished the edit of the short film, but I’m super scared to publish it. I want 2021 to be a failure and learn from you to grow as a creative.

Routine (2019) – POV Sci-Fi Short Film

Through the eyes of the actor, you experience his daily routine. A routine that turns into a madness and glitches out his reality. A Point of View Sci-Fi short film in collaboration with Adobe.

we made a short film

Behind the scenes of our Short Film and my thoughts during the 10 days of productions. This was the most intense experience in my filmmaking career.

Why I Suck at Making Short Films

A short film scenario is important. The story of a film makes your idea rise or fall. We’ve written and directed many short films in the past, but most of them sucked. In this video we’re covering 5 tips for better stories from our own experiences.

Ho-Ho-Hopeless, a Christmas shortfilm

Santa Claus is hopeless and tries to win in a poker game. Unfortunate he loses the most precious for his work. Enjoy this Christmas shortfilm featuring our lovely family and friends.