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Make a 3D Character of YOURSELF (Unreal Engine 5 + Metahuman)

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Unreal Engine Tutorials

metahuman, mixamo, unreal engine 5

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Learn how to create and animate a 3D character from yourself using Metahumans and Unreal Engine 5. Use face tracking with your phone and Mixamo for stunning character animations.

3d Humans

If you ever worked with 3D software, you know that creating realistic humans is super hard. Especially creating realistic skin, somehow it’s always to shiny and plastic like. However Unreal Engine recently released the Beta version of MetaHuman Creator.

MetaHuman Creator - Creating jordy
MetaHuman Creator – Creating jordy

And this is absolutely game changing. With a simple cloud streamed app you can create realistic humans with a few clicks. You can choose out of existing premade humans, which you can then modify to your likings. It’s never been this easy to create 3D humans before.

Face Tracking

Now Unreal Engine even takes it a step further and makes the facial animation of MetaHuman a walk in the park. You can even use your iPhone for this. With the Live Link Face App from Unreal, you can easily track every movement of your face.

MetaHuman Jordy with Face Animation
MetaHuman Jordy with Face Animation

This will let you create instant animations of you character talking or just showing emotions. And this you can of course link to your MetaHuman or just to a model you have laying around. The possibilities are endless. And the best thing of all, everything I just mentioned is completely free.

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2 thoughts on “Make a 3D Character of YOURSELF (Unreal Engine 5 + Metahuman)”

  1. I am thinking of trying to make one of myself. I have no prior experience of any sort. Do you think i will be able to make one? Or will it be a sheer waste of time without any results?


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