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This Is Huge! Everyone can do Motion Tracking now!

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Unreal Engine Tutorials

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Learn how to Motion Track yourself with an app called Move.AI. And create amazing 3D animation in Unreal Engine 5.1

Motion capture technology has come a long way, from being exclusive to high-budget film studios and game developers to becoming accessible to independent creators and enthusiasts. Thanks to the power of a simple smartphone and innovative new apps, motion capture can now be performed with incredible accuracy and ease. In this article, we will delve into the world of DIY motion capture, exploring the cutting-edge technologies and tools that enable you to create professional-quality motion capture with just your smartphone.

The Evolution of Motion Capture

Traditionally, motion capture required expensive, specialized equipment and dedicated studios. Performers would wear suits fitted with markers or sensors, and an array of cameras would record their movements. The resulting data would then be translated into digital 3D models for use in films, video games, and other applications.

However, as technology has advanced, motion capture has become more accessible and affordable. With just a few iPhones and the right tools, like, you now have the ability to capture motion data with impressive accuracy.

Move.AI Motion Capture Test
Move.AI Motion Capture Test

Tips for Successful iPhone Motion Capture

First tip for a good motion capture is your lighting. Ensure your recording environment has even, consistent lighting to achieve the best results. Avoid direct sunlight or overly dark settings, as these can affect the accuracy of the motion data. So best to light as flat as possible. Of course when recording make sure to use tripods to keep your iPhone steady. This will improve the accuracy of the motion capture data.

When done make sure that you export the correct rig. Familiarize yourself with the export options available in your chosen motion capture app. This way you can make sure, it will be easy to integrate your motion capture data into your projects.

Move.AI enables frictionless movement between physical and digital worlds, using artificial intelligence software to extract high fidelity motion from any video. Helping creators bring motion into digital worlds at limitless scale.

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