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Place Yourself in stranger Things with Metahuman + Unreal Engine 5

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Unreal Engine Tutorials

metahuman, stranger things, unreal engine 5

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Learn how to create yourself with Unreal Engine 5 and the new Metahuman update. In this tutorial video we recreate the bone breaking effect from Netflix Stranger Things 4.

Cracking bones in Unreal Engine

I already hear you thinking “Hey! Didn’t they already do this effect like 2 weeks ago?” well kind off. In the previous video we showed a very practical way on how to do those effects with some minimal vfx work. Initially we weren’t planning to do another version of the same effect, but since MetaHumans had an amazing update it was the perfect time to revisit this.

This means that this effect is completely done in 3D or to be more precise in Unreal Engine. This give you the ability to have all the freedom in not only set but also camera angles and what is going on in the shot.

Mesh To MetaHuman

In the latest update of MetaHuman they not only added more types of hair and clothing options but added a pretty good feature. Now you are able to use a scan or 3D model of a head to base your metahuman mesh on.

Mesh To MetaHuman
Metahuman’s new feature

This speeds up the process of creating humans, There is no need anymore to spend hour trying to recreate a certain face. Now you simply need a mesh which you can make with your phone, export that, throw it into unreal engine. And with a few more clicks you have yourself a custom MetaHuman.


Big thanks to Storyblocks for the support on this video. Their community driven library always help us to find something perfect every VFX shot. They really help us to bring our Visual effects to life, without compromising on anything.

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